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iCurrency Plus for iPad - What's new?

Find out what we have implemented in each version of iCurrency Plus for iPad.


In v1.2.8 and 1.2.9 (to be released)


In these two updates we are migrating away and deprecating the use of UDID. UDID stands for Unique Device Identifier and Apple has suggested developers to stop using it.  We used to use this ID to properly identify your device and be able to send you push notifications from the currency pairs you chose.  We have migrated to a Unique App Identifier (UAID), which for us and you does exactly the same function.

These migrations are completely transparent to you and you will see no changes in the interface.  We are using this opportunity to do some small bug fixes as well.

In v1.2.7

Adding a new pair

Want to have a similar pair but with different settings?

This version introduces a new simpler way to add a similar pair but with different notification settings: now you can edit a pair or clone it while you are watching its details and charts.


This is quite useful if you want to set both notification types for the same pair (notifications based on performance and also show the price constantly in the notification center).  It can also be used to easily set two type of performances, for example, 0.5% in 24 hours and 0.1% in 2 hours.


Put the latest currency data in the iOS5 notification center

With iOS5, you can get all the latest updates straight to your Notification Center. You will be able to follow changes of the rates even without opening any app. Set your settings in iCurrency Plus and get notified about currencies you are interested in.


Notifications are great when you want to know all the latest rates in real time as they change.  The are accesible in any screen of your iPad by just swiping down in your screen (an action that will bring the notification center).


To find out more about this new features and how to set them up, please click here!

Adding a new pair
Adding a new pair

Watch the same rates in your lock screen

An extra advantage brought to you by this version, together with iOS5, is that you can now see your preferred currency rates even when your phone is locked!


Open iCurrency Plus, add your pairs, create your settings, and enjoy almost real time rates in your lock screen, accesible any time.


Bonus feature: price for precious metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium)  and oil update quite often, getting you close to market real time rates!


Find a currency easily: search function in the currency selector

When adding a new pair, a quite handy search function allows you to find teh currency you are interesting in really easy.  You do not know teh currency code?  No problem, since the search function will work on the name of the currency as well.

Adding a new pair