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iCurrency Plus for Windows - What's new?

Find out what we have implemented in each version of iCurrency Plus for Windows.


In v1.6


Want to share currency trends on social networks?

Now it has become very easy to share with your friends or colleagues the currency pairs that you are following. With iCurrency Plus for Windows you can choose to post these currency pairs either on Facebook or Twitter, or both. Yes, as easy as that! So that your friends are up to date with current currency rates.


Just click on Facebook or Twitter icon, and there you go, you can choose between different types of posts, or just write your own.



In v1.5


Detect Future Trends

With a new version of iCurrency Plus for Windows you can see amazing new features. You can now a lot easier detect future trends with help of resistance, support values, as well as with buy and sell indicators, that will suggest on what to do in current situation. This version will give you opportunity to understand trends significantly better, therefore you can make better decisions on what to do.

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