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more about app iCurrency Plus

iCurrency Plus

Track currency rates and get notified with the latest changes. More than 90 currencies available. Get notified on the go even when you are not using the app. All latest updates and trends will be available in real time for you to follow.

Available on: iPhone, iPad, OSX, Windows

more about app iCurrency Plus

iCurrency Lite

Tracking currencies with iCurrency Lite is now a lot easier on OSX, and more important that it is for free.

Available on: OSX

more about app iSilver+


Track silver price vs 150 different currencies available and receive all the latest updates in real time. Get notified with the changes and follow the trends. You do not have to be an expert to use the app, it is simple and easy to understand.

Available on: iPhone

more about app iGold+


Check the prices of gold compared to 150 currencies and stay informed about the latest changes and trends. You can convert prices on the spot using conversion calculator. App is easy to use thanks to the intuitive interface.

Available on: iPhone

more about app iPlatinum+


This app provides you with real time updates of platinum prices. Watch the latest trends and changes. Nice and simple interface gives you an opportunity to save time and be informed. More than 150 currencies available.

Available on: iPhone

more about app iPalladium+


Real time updates of palladium prices available for you using push notifications. Watch the latest trends and changes. Convert the prices to more than 100 different currencies. It is intuitive and easy to use!

Available on: iPhone

more about app Oil+


Easiest way to get notified about the oil prices and latest trends. Follow almost real time changes. Compare the price to the more than 150 currencies for your choice. Do not believe the rumours check the price yourself using this app!

Available on: iPhone

more about app Price Conversion Web Widget

Price Conversion Web Widget

Use this widget if you want to show multiple currencies in your web site.  Let your users convert the price of your products and services to the currency of their choice, with more than 150 currencies to select from, updating rates in real time.

more about app Numerous


Numerous is a beatiful application developed by Numerous Inc. Track and share life’s most important numbers. The world is increasingly instrumented. Life is increasingly quantified. Attention is increasingly scarce. Numerous is a beautiful solution!

Available on: iPhone

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